McDonald’s To Consider a DIY Burger

DIY burger? Yes, why not. McDonald’s is testing these days the concept of DIY burger.  It seems that the fast food industry in the past years was focusing more about giving a more customzie experience for their customers. The latest trend aspires to to give the customers more room to customize their orders, Five Guys and Subway are already doing it and now McDonald’s is considering to apply this model as well.

mcdonald's burgers

This new model by MaDonald’s is already at the works, and being tested in selected branches. MaDonald’s is offering their customers the option to create their own burgers, by choosing from 20 toppings and sauces to add to your burger. It seems that MaDonald’s is becoming more adult-focused in the attempt to close the gap with the fast-casual players. Perhaps if the field try will be a success, soon we all will be able to have a customize burger at MaDonald’s .

Via huffingtonpost


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