What is a Zero-Waste Supermarket Concept?

It’s a fact packing your groceries in paper bags is greener then plastic. Today we all have a better understanding of the importance of recycling and minimizing our litter, but there are so much more things we all can do in order to become even more greener when it comes to us buying groceries.

Zero-Waste Supermarket

The zero-waste supermarket is a great concept. The basic guideline of the supermarket is that it does not use disposable packaging. In this supermarket you will not find any disposable cups, plastic bags in cardboard boxes and no tetra packs.  It’s not a secret that in today’s consumerist culture waste, we all have a big part of harming our environment, supermarket concepts like these are believed to be more common in the years to come.  This Zero-Waste supermarket is offering a more advance way to shop. The foods are kept in so-called bulk bins and can be transferred with the simplest means in your own containers brought. 

 The store is presenting a greener concept to how you can buy food, in the video below you can see the a eco-friendly way to sell/buy food.

Original Unverpackt – Der neue Supermarkt from Original Unverpackt on Vimeo.


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