The Ultimate Kitchen Yolk Separator Gadget

Separating egg yolks from egg whites can be a hard and messy job. So if you haven’t mastered yet and looking for an easy way to do so meet YOLKR, this is the perfect kitchen gadget for you. No more messy eggs separators.

This super elegant designed yolk separator will do the job in a snap and will make separating egg yolks from whites quick, easy and clean.It is especially designed to be small as possible without compromising function or ergonomics. The boot wall thickness has been crafted to provide a quality feel when squeezed and of perfect fit with the nozzle to form a seal while keeping it easy to disassemble for cleaning.

The Ultimate Kitchen Yolk Separator Gadget 1 The Ultimate Kitchen Yolk Separator Gadget

The Yolkr is patent pending and design registered and it comes in 6 different colors, for more information visit the company’s website. 

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