Sandwich For Each State

Sandwich lovers- this post is for you! Sandwiches are so great because they’re easy to make and are very satisfying. Some people REALLY love sandwiches. One of those people is Kelly Pratt, a photographer who’s on a mission to find and photograph each state’s sandwich.

Kelly created a website  where you can see her “Stately Sandwich” project. Her goal is to bring people together to make and eat a signature sandwich for each state. 50 states, 50 sandwiches. The recipes of the sandwiches are gathered from locals on each area and from research online.  All the photographs are similar and include the sandwich ingredients laid neatly on a cutting board, the name of the sandwich, small state icon and ingredients at the bottom. Each sandwich has its own story, which is a really nice idea. So far I counted 28 countries in Kelly’s website… can’t wait to see the full project when it’s done.

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