How To Decorate Christmas Sugar Cookies Like a Pro

Who doesn’t love Sugar cookies, I sure do! The best thing about sugar cookies is that although they are simple to make and simple looking, once you know how to decorate them properly the sky is the limit and you can really create some seriously good looking cookies!

Knowing how to decorate Sugar Christmas cookies is something that I always wanted to know to do well. Most of the time when you try, it comes out pretty lame, and not that good but this year I’ve decided to take an extra effort and really look into it and succeed, so I found this awesome video that shows how to do it. In order to make these awesome looking Christmas Sugar Cookies, you’ll need some special decorating items, sugar cookies dough, cookies cutters, cookies sheets, currants, nuts or  candy,eggs,food coloring, brush,hard candies,plastic bag,rolling pin,plastic squeeze bottles , royal icing, butter knife, rolled fondant, waxed paper and cookie tins. I know that the list seems to be extra long but once you’ll have all of these things, decorating your cookies will be very easy and the result will be amazing! You can see the complete step by step on this video.


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