3 Great Home Made Popsicles You Should Try

Summer is just around the corner, I can feel it already, the days are getting longer, more sunlight and of course the temperature is rising. This is the perfect time to start searching for new and simple recipes and ideas for summer foods.

Nothing says more like summer then a cold and healthy Popsicles! Usually the bought ones, are packed with sugar and preservative which are not that good for you, if you make them at home, it is both frugal and way more healthy. Here are 3 great ones I found that I this you should defiantly try!

Strawberry & Peach Ice Pops
This great popsicle bychewtown, looks amazing! The combination of Strawberries along with peach creates a fresh sweet and sour mix with is perfect for those hot summer days.
For the full recipe and more beautiful pictures visit her site.
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Berry-Lime Popsicles

They may be little, but berries are packed with antioxidants and anti-aging effects which makes them a “Super Food”. Combining them in your nutrition will do you good. This next Popsicle is filled with this wonder fruit.
To learn how to make these beauties visit mybakingaddiction.com
home made popsicles
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Tropical Avocado Popsicle

I think that you just have to try these Tropical Avocado Popsicle, for popsicles there’s no doubt that Avocado doesn’t sounds like the first choice that is why I find these popsicles so intriguing!
For the full recipe plus an awesome video which explain how to make go to cookingstoned.
home made Tropical-Avocado-Popsicle-2
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