Hands-On Review: Super Cute and Delicious Vegan Green Pea Cookies

As a foodie, I love to try new and innovative food products. I am always on the lookout especially for vegan food products and vegan snacks or vegan sweets. (I decided to go vegan about 2 months ago ever since I broke up with my boyfriend and it feels great.)

Hands-On Review- Super Cute and Delicious Vegan Green Pea Cookies 1

One thing that’s not so great is I have a sweet tooth and many vegan treats are not that great tasting, spongy, and/or really oily.

BUT I found these super delicious vegan cookies made from green peas on Amazon (yes, green peas!!) while I was clicking through all the vegan desserts and now I’m obsessed. The original and chocolate dipped versions are totally addictive and you can have 5 of them and still stay within the low-calorie serving size. The Earl Grey flavor, also made from peas, is also really good, and I’m going to order another box again soon. I haven’t tried the spicy Sriracha flavor yet because I’m a little afraid of spice but I’m going to get it for my best friend who also went vegan and loves spice, especially in her desserts. They also have a gluten-free option that I haven’t tried yet, but it seems similar to the original flavor based on their website descriptions. I also love that the cookies are wrapped so nicely so they make a great gift.

Hands-On Review- Super Cute and Delicious Vegan Green Pea CookiesThe cube box of 36 cookies comes with four biodegradable trays stacked on top of each other. The cookies themselves are a little crumbly but the trays protect them well and the whole box is fit into a small shipping box with little stickers. The stickers are sweet and feature the Green Pea Cookie logo which is a little pea mascot named “Peater” …so the cookies were even appealing to my 7-year-old niece. She kept the stickers on her door and wants me to order another box of the chocolate-dipped version.

Hands-On Review- Super Cute and Delicious Vegan Green Pea Cookies 3

If you order on Amazon they ship within a couple of days, I’m assuming it’s the same on the online store. The worst part is probably the price (it’s a bit expensive) but especially if you’re getting a gift it’s definitely worth it.

Overall I think these green pea cookies are great, happy to have stumbled upon them as a go-to gift and my new favorite snack. Who knew peas and cookies would be the perfect match?! Give peas a chance!



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