Spooky Halloween Cookies

Halloween is the spookiest day of the year and like many other holidays, Halloween has special foods to help us get in the mood. As Halloween approaches we can see many Spooky Halloween cookies. Here are some of the spookiest Halloween cookies that we found on the web.

 Eyes Cookies

At first look these eyes cookies look just like… eyes, but if you look closely you can see that those eyes are just tasty cookies!

halloween cookies







Skeleton Head Cookies

Ok so skeletons are scary but I’m not sure that those sprinkles give much of a fear effect 🙂

halloween cookies2







Owl Cookies

There’s no doubt that the owl is one of the spookiest animal out there… especially if you’re in a dark scary forest.

halloween cookies3







Witch Cookies

A witch is also one of Halloween’s symbols so of course there are witches cookies! The hats of the witches are made with a Christmas cookie cutter- what a great idea!

halloween cookies4







Dracula Cookies

Almost everyone got to dress up like Dracula at Halloween. This time you can bite Dracula and not the other way around!

halloween cookies5







Spiders Cookies

Those spider cookies can actually freak someone out because at first glance they may look very real!

halloween cookies6

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Finger Cookies

I think that those finger cookies are the creepiest! The fingernails are almonds and the blood is red icing. Find the full recipe at RecipeGirl.com.

halloween cookies7






Ghost Cookies

Remeber Casper the friendly ghost? He wasn’t scary at all because he was always smiling. A-lot of ghost cookies are of smiling ghosts but we picked ghost cookies that are genuinely spooky.

halloween cookies8








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Have a spooky and tasty Halloween!

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