5 Super Cute Cupcakes Packages You Can Find on Etsy

Cupcakes are so cute, you have so much options when it comes to making them, frosting them and of course displaying and packing them. A packed cupcake can actually served as a great gift to give to your friends and family and with the holiday season upon us I think it can be a great special attention to give to your loved ones.

Check out these awesome cupcakes boxes.

1. Cream & Black Polka-Dot Cupcake Box 

These little polkaed boxes are the creation of . For $48.00 you’ll get a set of 24 cute boxes for single cupcakes.Get it here.

Unify cupcake box 2

2.Clear Cupcake Bags

For a simple yet impressive pack check out these clear and super allegiant Clear Cupcake Bags by  for $6.90 you’ll get 10 clear bags.

Clear Cupcake Bags

3.Cupcake Wedding Boxes

Doing special gestures for your guests on your wedding day is simply a thoughtful and wonderful idea.  Image the reaction of you guests when they get on of these cute little wedding cupcakes by  . For  $84.00, you’ll get a set of 96 boxes and ribbon, personalisation is available, you just need to content the seller.

Cupcake Boxes DIY Wedding

4. Retro Oven – Cupcake Box

For only $4.99 you’ll get a kit packaged of 19 pages high resolution PDF files, which you can download instantly and get crafty in minutes. The Retro Oven cupcake box is a original design created by artist and illustrator Claudine Hellmuth.

cupcake box

5. Frosted Cat Cupcake Boxes

These Catty cupcakes boxes are available on Etsy for $6.70. For this price you’ll get 5 box + 5 holder.

Frosted Cupcake Boxes Cat

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