Common Cooking And Baking Mistakes

Cooking is a great hobby because when you cook you’re truly an artist and you can create so many delicious foods. The problem with cooking, when you’re not a chef, is that you make mistakes. Mistakes in cooking and baking are common, but with a little knowledge and experience you can definitely learn how not to make the same mistakes over and over again. Here are some of the most common cooking and baking mistakes.

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1. You don’t read the entire recipe before cooking

Reading the entire recipe before starting to cook can prevent a-lot of problems. If there are steps that takes a-lot of time (like marinading) it’s better for you to know it in advance, especially if guests are supposed to arrive. In addition, it’s very recommended to have all the ingredients gathered, prepped, and ready to go before you turn on the heat.

2. You don’t make the right baking substitutions

Healthy cooking is an acquired talent, because you really need to understand the science and how to make good substitutions for common ingredients (for example, replacing white flour with whole flour). Unwise substitutions in baking can result in a dense, gummy and unappealing dish. We’re all for healthy cooking but just make sure you’ve done your research before starting to cook healthy.

 3. You Overheat chocolate

When you overheat chocolate the result is a grainy, separated, or scorched chocolate. If you want your heated chocolate to be creamy and smooth you should pay attention to the following:

  • heat the chocolate until it’s NOT fully melted, then stir until smooth
  • If you’re using the microwave to melt the chocolate, stop every 20 seconds and stir.
  • If you’re using a bain-Marie, pay attention that the water are shimmering, not boiling.

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4. You turn food too often

When cooking, we want everything to be perfect so we try to always give attention to the food that’s on the stove. The problem is when you give food too much attention and turn it too often. the result can be under-cooked food or loosing the breading in some foods. You should learn how to leave the food alone so it cooks right.

5. You rush the cooking of caramelized onions

Caramelized onions are the base of many dishes and are one of the best things in cooking! A-lot of people don’t have enough patience to wait until onions are really caramelized, and just stop at the part where onions are sautéed. To get the real thing you should cook onions over low heat for up to an hour! Takes a while but totally worth it!

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6. You don’t use high quality ingredients

Good food begins and ends with the ingredients. The dishes you cook will only be as mediocre, good, or superb as the ingredients you put in them.We recommend that whenever possible buy fresh and high quality ingredients.

7. You don’t transfer vegetables into ice water right after cooking

When you cook vegetables like green beans or asparagus you must transfer them to ice water right after the cooking. When you do that you keep the vegetables crisp and green rather than a mush. Rinsing the vegetables under cold water after cooking can also the the job. The idea behind this action is to “shock” the vegetables with cold temperature and by that stop the cooking at once.

8. Your Guacamole gets brown shade

Guacamole is such a great dip but also excellent by itself. After a while in a bowl, the guacamole gets an unwanted brown shade. The reason is… oxygen! So how can you fight oxygen? I mean, it’s everywhere! Don’t worry there’s a simple solution… Acid! Acid delays oxidation. In this case we recommend lemon/lime juice.

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