Best Apple Pie in Amsterdam

If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, take a piece of paper or and write this address down, Noordermarkt 43, 1015 . Once you go there you’ll taste the BEST apple pie you’ve ever had!

A few years ago I’ve stumbled upon this place completely by accident, only later I found out that this place is known for it’s delicious apple pie. It was poring rain, and I looked for a place to hang and drink something hot while waiting for the rain to calm down a bit, and it was just my luck that Winkel 34 was the first cafe I’ve spotted. Little did I know that inside I’ll find the best apple pie I’ve ever eaten!

Last week, I traveled to Amsterdam for a short & delightful weekend, and course I just had to go back and eat again this yummy cake. This time I took a picture.
Best Apple Pie in AmsterdamI really tried to figure what makes this cake so gooood, and to be honest I have no idea, could be the apples, perhaps the amazing crust, either way this cake is a mystery for me. I’ve deiced to try to recreate this divine cake next week, (wish me luck). If it comes out well, be sure I’ll post my recipe. Either way if you like to explore great place while you are away and if you are planning to visit Amsterdam, I highly recommend a visit there.

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