Baby Food – Cream Cheese Pancakes

Who knew that baby food can be tasty ? 🙂 One day I’ve decided to try to make my baby cheese pancakes, I didn’t really have a recipe for it, so I decided to improvise, the result was a success.

Baby Cream Cheese Pancakes

The pancakes are pretty much made with basic products I usually keep in my kitchen, so this is absolutely one of my “Joker” recipes when I need to fix a fast and easy dinner for my one year old.

What You’ll Need

4 basic ingredients make this yummy pancake, cream cheese,yogurt,flour and an egg.

How To Make:

In a bowl, break 1 egg, mix, add 3 tablespoons of cream cheese, I use 5% cheese, add 2 tablespoons of white regular bio yogurt ( I use 4%) , add 1½ tablespoon of flour, mix it all till you get a nice and smooth mixer. Put some olive oil in a pen and start to cook them till golden from each side.

What makes these pancakes a winning card in my kitchen is not only the simplicity of making them, is the fact that you can pack them and you can eat them cold as well. My son loves them, I hope that your kids will too.

Baby Cream Cheese Pancakes 6 copy



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